Even a house, that is finished, can be further developed. Together we create the plan to do so:

We assess the current situation, look for things, which work well and analyze the need for change or adoption. Last but not least we develop a plan for a gradual and sustainable implementation.



In a golden chest manifold treasures can be found that should be taken care of, maintained and valued. And so should the people in your company. I develop a HR and People Strategy that meets your specific needs, furthermore I support you with its implementation. As well I provide support to build and develop a professional HR team.


Togetherness makes a team strong; through joint efforts and collaboration new potential can be developed and great success can be accomplished. The use of latest methods and tools will help to further develop the teams in your company to achieve great success.


In every garden there are many plants with different needs and maturation periods. This can be transferred to people as well. My coaching and counseling approach embraces this diversity. It is my aim to reveal your talents and passions.


The audience has already taken their seats, the show must go on, but one of the leading roles is missing at short notice. Now you need to find a pragmatic solution very quickly. Is there a vacant key role in your HR team? Please contact me, I will make myself available as an interim manager with my profund knowledge and experience.


Just like the caterpillar transforms miraculously into a butterfly, the transformation of the work environment and the digitalization are unstoppable. I advise you on this topics. Get to know our #Transformator, a method, which is easy to implement, which will accelerate your transformation and will kick off a mind changing process.


I´m curious to get to know you, your company and your team.


Please contact me and we will arrange a confidential and unbinding initial conversation.






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